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  • Scope works:Concept design
  • Year: 2021
  • Team: 2 specialists
  • Аrea:440 m²
  • Time:10 days
  • Sektor:Design Concept
  • Status:Concept

A completely new concept of office space, where the main value is freedom - a clean look, clean atmosphere, environmentally friendly materials and a sense of space. The minimalism and functionality of each element of the interior are to reflect the classic approach to the development of office space, where utility and clear division into zones are absolute. YOKO offers a completely different view of the business environment, where the unity of man and nature is aimed at creating the success of every business. YOKO is a philosophy of space based on perception.

The philosophy of minimalism and functionality is our absolute idea. Nothing extra. Just function and feelings.

Courage loves the best, that is why our interior design department has proposed a solution that will not suit to everyone.

But those who have the courage to realize this space will understand everything without words...

The ecological orientation of the style is determined, first of all, by the colors used in the decoration. As a rule, these are the shades that we find in nature: sandy, earthy, grassy, coniferous, terracotta, blue, white. Only "acidic" shades and sharp color combinations are excluded. They are inappropriate in such a design - because the eco-style interior promotes rest, relaxation and the search for ideas, everything should contribute to this.

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