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  • Scope works:Design Concept
  • Year: 2021
  • Team: 3 specialists
  • Аrea:1 724 m²
  • Time:3 days
  • Sektor:Design Concept
  • Status:Concept

Techiia is a Ukrainian word that means "water flow" and symbolizes constant forward movement, flexibility and strength. For us, TECHIIA is a source that sets trends in the world of technology. Thanks to a complex business ecosystem, the company develops organically in many technological areas, such as e-sports, IT products, IT services, production and distribution of e-sports articles and accessories, construction of infrastructure facilities. The company runs its business easily and professionally.

There is no limit to ambitious business ideas, dare to look further! And also our interior concept for TECHIIA new headquarters.

When developing the design, we based our approach on the concept of creating a single organic business space, like a full-flowing river, which has separate "streams" of additional zones and functions. A modern office is an opportunity to get a place to work and become part of the ecosystem at the same time. A business space is not a co-working space. The main thing here is to create a comfortable atmosphere where ideas and business partnerships are born. The space includes separate offices for autonomous divisions of the company, a lounge area where events and networking events take place, co-selling, an open space, a kitchen-dining room, as well as skype rooms and meeting rooms. The business space provides an opportunity to communicate not only with colleagues, but also with people from other projects.

Representatives of the creative industries have always been distinguished by their freedom-loving, desire to move away from the usual standards and create results in comfortable conditions for themselves. Therefore, IT companies face a serious task: to choose an office where they would like to come and work actively, and not pass the time until the end of the working day.

This is how we created the TECHIIA concept - the unity of nature and business, an unstoppable flow of ideas.

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