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Reconstruction of the damaged school No. 12, Irpin

  • Scope works:General contractor
  • Year: 2022
  • Team: 67 specialists
  • Аrea:4 000 m2
  • Time:45 days
  • Sektor:General Contractor
  • Status:Completed

As a result of Russian armed aggression and active hostilities in the city of Irpin in March 2022, almost 50% of the school building was damaged: facade, walls, roof, windows, entrance and interior doors, gym, sports field, fence, electrical networks, classrooms.

According to the agreement with the mayor of Irpen, within the framework of the project "SOCAR. Ukraine. Together", SOCAR Energy Ukraine took part in the renovation of school No. 12 named after Zarifa Aliyeva. As part of this rebuilding project, the Perimeter Group of Companies has been carrying out construction work and we will continue our efforts to rebuild the damaged facilities in order to restore the damaged infrastructure and public facilities.

One of the main challenges during any construction work to reconstruct or eliminate the consequences of an invasion is time. Time is the main resource, because administrative, medical and social institutions should start working as soon as possible and provide quality services for the population.

That is why time was the main priority for us when performing all construction works, because children have the right to start the school year in comfortable and safe conditions - that is why in only 45 days we eliminated all the consequences of a direct hit to the school building, performed all the work on strengthening the structures, replacement of windows and damaged elements, performed all finishing works.

The total number of specialists involved in restoration works was 67 people - these are professional builders, locksmiths, engineers, painters and many, many others. It is thanks to the responsibility towards the future generation and the coordinated work of all suppliers, builders and administration that we were able to completely complete the work on the facility on the eve of the September 1st holiday, and the children were able to experience the real celebration of the first bell in their favorite, renovated and safe school.

You can see what we achieved in the video made by our partners and sponsors of the reconstruction project - company SOCAR

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