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  • Scope works:General contractor
  • Year: 2022
  • Team: 72 specialists
  • Аrea:2 012 m²
  • Time:130 days
  • Sektor:General Contractor
  • Status:Done

Metinvest Group is an international group of mining and metallurgical companies operating in Ukraine, Italy, Bulgaria, Great Britain and the USA, engaged in ore and coal mining, coke production, steel smelting and production of rolled products, pipes, etc. In 2021, the Holding topped the ranking of the largest private companies of Ukraine according to Forbes and entered the top ten global producers of iron ore.

The strongest steel comes from a strong flame. And our latest project is a confirmation of Richard Nixon's quote in the conditions of the construction reality of Ukraine! You really have to have nerves of steel when you work on the head offices of the country's leading companies - no matter what time frame the customer sets for you, no matter what unusual situations arise when working at the facility, no matter what challenges our military reality creates for you - all this must be converted to success!

Designing the manager's office is an important stage. This room should have a list of basic functions. The interior of the office must meet not only the criteria of the efficiency of the working space, but also reflect the general aesthetics of the company - that is why during the work on the implementation of the design project of the offices of the heads of the relevant areas, the main attention was paid to the engineering component and relevant materials.

The main features are presentability, comfort and individual style.

Here, advisory moments are held and important tasks of the company are solved, so the environment should have the appropriate style and functional components of the interior.

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