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  • Scope works:Concept Design
  • Year: 2020
  • Team: 2 specialist
  • Аrea:479 m2
  • Time:14 days
  • Sektor:Design Concept
  • Status:Concept

Large spaces can create great environments for active learning if properly planned. This means the need for the active participation of architects and designers at the beginning of the process of designing and adapting premises for the most efficient use of space. Sometimes this means one large multi-purpose hall with a strong emphasis on "seeing, hearing, doing", and sometimes the right answer may be to simplify the auditorium design and create other flexible spaces.

The first challenge in this project was the building itself, because placing a new, modern educational space in the existing hangar, the main profile of which is innovation in education, which promotes communication and creates an intimate, unobtrusive atmosphere, is not an easy task.

Due to space functionality, we offered a choice of different scenarios, so there is an open space, small niches for private communication, places for negotiations and meetings, a room for trainings and conferences, several technical rooms and, of course, the director's office.

The comfort of work is expressed in optimal conditions of microclimate, lighting, acoustics and ergonomics. Modern ecological trends are reflected in the use of appropriate materials and even in the organization of waste sorting.

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