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  • Scope works:Concept Design
  • Year: 2020
  • Team: 3 specialists
  • Аrea:91 m2
  • Time:14 days
  • Sektor:Design Concept
  • Status:Design Concept

The designer must think about how people with different personalities can comfortably work in the same space. Lighting is a very important element. It is necessary to ensure not only good lighting of workplaces, but also areas where employees can switch and rest during the day. In our opinion, natural wood, glass and metal are the most "business" materials that will work best in office spaces. PERIMETER has created a space design that allows you to work comfortably in a cozy environment, a place of comfort and a source of inspiration.

The main task is to create a functional space with the support of an atmosphere of prestige, professionalism and financial stability. Employees of various levels and skill levels work here. For each of them, it was necessary to provide a personal workplace, as well as common areas.

Modern lawyers are young, progressive people, often with European education, who choose a new format of office space, where small individual offices give way to extraordinary, open in design sense and functionality spaces that go beyond the common perception of "boring" and classic paper work lawyers weekdays.

This time we designed an interior concept project for a law firm. The office is located in a historic building with all the attributes: high ceilings, huge rooms, masonry, classic parquet pattern, windows at street level...

Of course, today we will talk about renovation. In this project, we tried to breathe life into a residential building of the last century and this is what we got!

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