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K102 Factoria

  • Scope works:General contractor
  • Year: 2023
  • Team: 31 specialist
  • Аrea:597 sq.m
  • Time:In progress
  • Sektor:General Contractor
  • Status:Construction

The project of complex reconstruction of an industrial building in the Soviet style for a modern business space with the office of an engineering company.

It all started with an idea - the development of an architectural concept for the future building of the office center on the basis of the existing brick building.

Our architecture department proposed an approach to the reconceptualization of the building by changing the architectural and planning decisions (changing the layout of the production complex to office premises with all the corresponding architectural changes), redesigning the facade and interior design of common areas.

The reconstruction of the former factory and the transformation of the administrative building into a modern real estate is an innovative PERIMETER project, which aims to renovate industrial facilities.

The once restricted area of the factory has now become a cozy office space. The renovated building receives new functions, will be filled with relevant content and will adapt to the needs of the modern business community.

The PERIMETER group of companies performed the following works:

  • Visualizations
  • Facade works
  • Interior design
  • Dismantling works
  • Erection of internal partitions
  • Lighting and electricity
  • Ventilation and air conditioning
  • Access control systems
  • A full range of finishing works
  • Supply of materials and equipment
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