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PERIMETER representatives at Recovery Forum Ukraine 2022


topical issues of reconstruction of Ukraine

Reconstruction and restoration.

None of us even guessed how relevant this phrase would become in 2022... Although we are not always able (but we try through the comprehensive support of both the Armed Forces and all construction initiatives) to change the reality of our unbreakable country, it is within our power to rebuild, restore and improve what was damaged!

Thank you Confederation of Builders of Ukraine for Recovery Forum Ukraine 2022, which took place on October 19 in Kyiv and was dedicated to state policy initiatives in the issue of restoration of destroyed territories. The slogan of not only the event, but also the entire construction market of Ukraine is an extremely powerful message to the whole world and all communities - WE WILL BUILD EVERYTHING! TOGETHER!

Some thoughts on the most painful topic of the Ukrainian construction industry:

1. Mechanisms of unified communication between international financial institutions and OTG/city councils/administrations, etc. DO NOT EXIST. (this is a fact, unfortunately). Everyone is trying to enter system communication, looking for opportunities

2. The Ukrainian decentralization reform, launched back in 2014, is starting to bear fruit - first of all, this is noticeable in the motivation of the heads of the OTG and the approach to reconstruction - assessment, planning, search for opportunities and openness to new ideas and partners in reconstruction. This is precisely about the realities of Ukrainian people's rule and it adds confidence.

3. There is a demand for the creation of "360-degree" service organizations - modern general contractors must be experts in the project field (everything starts with damage assessment: from changes and corrections of master plans, creation of concepts for new buildings or redevelopment of existing structures, to analysis and assessment of structural elements damaged buildings), experts in the field of construction (the SINGLE point of contact for representatives of OTG/funds/international organizations for ABSOLUTELY ALL work processes of construction and acceptance of completed works), experts in the field of project management (simultaneously conducting several dozen reconstruction/repair projects with maximum possible detailing of all processes and transparency of work is a task "with an asterisk" for many Ukrainian companies and a mandatory requirement of such institutions as, for example, the UN or the EBRD), as well as experts in development, engineering, communications, a team of more than 100 people... .

Everything will be Ukraine!

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